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Why Bedtime Stories Are Essential

Why Bedtime Stories Are Essential

Parenting plays a huge part in a child’s holistic growth. Furthermore, the differences in parenting styles may result in varying outcomes for children as they grow. However, it’s worth noting that although many parents share a common idea of what positive parenting means, some cultures may perceive these ideas as odd.

For parents here in the US, we most likely promote bedtime stories as part of our daily parenting routine. But are they worth it?

As a trusted daycare center in Pasadena Maryland, we’ve looked into the long-term benefits of reading aloud to your child every night. Let’s take a look!

  • Reduces Disruptive Behaviors

    One study suggests that bedtime storytelling supports social-emotional development among children as well as promotes good behavior and reduces disruptive ones.

  • Fosters Language Development

    Reading to your child has been found to improve your child’s logical skills but mostly language acquisition. Bedtime stories help rewire the brain to support language learning.

  • Provides Bonding Time

    Perhaps the most obvious, bedtime stories give parents and children a special time to bond and lower their stress levels. Also, this nightly habit gets rid of communication barriers, allowing children to speak what’s on their minds.

  • Sparks Imagination

    Books introduce your child to the real world and develop the fundamental building blocks to creativity. For instance, fictional stories may provide information gaps, but your child will eventually fill in these disparities through imagination.

At Severna Park Children’s Centre, Inc., a child care centre Pasadena Maryland, we inculcate the love for reading among our students. We believe that reading holds lifetime benefits we never thought of.

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