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What to Do When Your Child Can’t Sleep Well?

what-to-do-when-your-child-can’t-sleep -well

Sleeping is an essential part of a person’s growth and overall health, so much so that we all have different recommended hours of sleep every night. For our children according to the CDC, preschoolers need at most 13 hours of sleep in total every day. The younger your child is, the higher their sleep requirement.

This is a great arrangement when your child is able to sleep well and on time. However, what if they don’t?

Sleep disorder will need your child’s doctor’s intervention so that they can be treated properly. However, there are steps you can implement to accommodate this need. Here are some recommendations we can provide based on our experience as a Child Care Centre in Pasadena, Maryland.

  • Create a Sleeping Routine
    Children can follow a routine that will be very essential in their daily practices. Even at preschool age, maintaining a routine is already an ideal step to train and discipline them in doing things that you want them to do. Incorporate sleeping at a certain hour in this routine so that you can nurture this important habit in their young lives.
  • Darken the Bedroom
    Sleeping well can definitely improve your child’s learning progress especially when they are enrolled in a Daycare Center in Pasadena, Maryland. To enable them to sleep well, dim the lights inside the room to prepare their eyes for the dark. When it’s still bright outside, their eyes will also adjust to the brightness, keeping them from sleeping well.
  • Allow them to Play
    Within the day, allow your child to play and enjoy their activities. When they play, they also get to exercise, which is very helpful in working their bodies out. Later at night, they can easily feel tired and fulfilled, accommodating more sleep hours.
  • Turn Off Gadgets
    If your child is very fond of using gadgets, such as mobile phones or tablets, see to it that these devices are kept away from them when it’s around bedtime. For one, the bright lights of these gadgets can set their eyes to stay open. For another, their focus can be so fixed on what they’re watching that they won’t feel sleepy anymore.
  • Freshen Up
    Your child can also invite a sense of drowsiness when they freshen up right before bedtime. After a day full of playing or learning in a Learning Center in Maryland, they go home wanting to relax. The coolness they experience when being refreshed can accommodate good sleep that night.

These are only among the simple techniques you can apply when your child is having some difficulty in sleeping. However, it’s also important to note that sleeping difficulties can be caused by major health problems, which need to be diagnosed.

If you think that your child needs a doctor’s intervention, don’t hesitate to bring them for some checkup. As always, our team at Severna Park Children’s Centre, Inc. will be here to support your every endeavor towards your child’s overall development.

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