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Summer Camp Essentials: Getting Ready with Your Child

Summer Camp Essentials: Getting Ready with Your Child

Summer camp is a joy for our children although as parents, we’d worry—that is exactly why we should get ready with our children for summer camp. Of course, the summer camp we offer at Severna Park Children’s Centre, Inc. will be guided to secure the learning and above all, the safety of our children.

To get ready for summer camp, first things first:

  • Packing essentials from top to bottom

    Considering weather and changes that might occur such as chances of rain, we have to think of protecting our children starting from the top. Given how weather changes occur suddenly, it’s good to stay tuned in to weather reports and perhaps pack a hat or a cap just for some shade. Sunglasses would also be good for sun protection.

    Next, protection from insects and other harmful entities should be noted as well.

  • Skin protection essentials

    A lot of products are available but we’d want to consider cost-effective products that can be made at home. So how about opting for organic skin protection against insect bites or doctor-recommended products for insect bites? As parents, we should also make it a point to remind our children to be careful of possible triggers for their allergies. Teachers should also be in the know of certain allergies.

    Along with the packing essentials, knowing the activities beforehand can also help especially with the clothes our children are recommended to wear for comfort and ease of movement during the activities.

  • Activities to take note of

    Summer camp activities include a line-up of field trips to bowling alleys, play zones, movie houses, trails for trail walks, and a special treat—ice cream walk. It would be nice for our kids to be able to move comfortably and confidently when doing these activities. We wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on all the fun and learning.

Guest speakers are also invited to our Learning Center in Maryland to induce excitement and inspire children with their dreams and interests. Our line up of guest speakers includes amazing athletes, a Wild West photographer, a pick paint potter, dancers, and musicians that will spark inspiration to our children in reaching their dreams and aspirations.

Summer camp also includes special event days including snowball days, water play days, ice cream social day, and pajama day sure to bring in loads of fun and learning.

What else is there at Daycare Center in Pasadena, Maryland? Come and take a tour of our center. Apart from summer camps, you can see that our facilities are well maintained and up to date in providing children’s needs for stimulating their appetite for learning.

Our Child Care Centre in Pasadena, Maryland offers programs that fit infants, toddlers, nurseries, and pre-kindergarteners. Call us at 410-647-3504 for enrollment inquiries.

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