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Some Solutions for Your Stressed-Out Toddler

Some Solutions for Your Stressed-Out Toddler

Toddlers get stress out too. While the school activities in your child’s daycare center in Pasadena Maryland consist mostly of playing and gluing uncooked macaroni on paper plates, it doesn’t mean that your child has no reason to feel overwhelmed.

Allowing your child’s stress level to accumulate will only get in the way of their overall development. Too much stress will prevent your child from learning to their fullest potential. Severna Park Children’s Centre, Inc. wants your child to enjoy their time in a learning center Maryland. So here are a few ways you can help destress your child:

  • Create and follow a schedule.

    Daily routines can help prevent your child from feeling overwhelmed by the sudden changes in their environment. Having a schedule also helps your toddler feel more in control because they know what to expect.

  • Allow them to take breaks.

    Allot adequate time for breaks and naps in between activities. This gives your child time to enjoy whatever it is they are doing. It also preserves special moments with your child that would have been lost if you just jumped to the next activity on your schedule.

  • Monitor media exposure.

    You may not think it’s possible, but children can still understand the news to a certain extent, and this can lead to stress and fear. Be mindful of what you are watching or what your child is watching on TV. Try to only show them programs designed with their age-group in mind.

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