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How to Know If Your Child Is Ready for Preschool

How to Know If Your Child Is Ready for Preschool

There isn’t an accurate checklist of must-have skills for kids to start preschool. However, there are some areas to look at to see if they are ready in group learning. At a glance, if children can communicate and concentrate, they have the key skills for preschool. Some preschoolers still work on their readiness skills when they start preschool. Good thing, school readiness can be practiced at home. A Daycare center in Pasadena Maryland puts in “PIECES” how to tell children’s preschool readiness:

  • P- Potty Trained
    Most preschool programs for kids 3 years older expect them to be out of diapers. However, it’s not uncommon if kids may still need help washing up. They will still be supported at this level.
  • I – Independent
    Kids will not be expected to do everything or solve problems, on their own, a little independence is key.
  • E – Expressive
    Expressing themselves doesn’t mean being able to speak in full sentences; they only have to at least be able to express themselves in a way that an unfamiliar adult can understand.
  • C – Concentration
    For instance, they can pay attention to a short picture book being read aloud, or they can already follow directions most of the time.
  • E – Emotionally Ready
    They’d be able to say goodbye to their parents or caregivers without too much anxiety.
  • S – Stamina
    Child Care Centre Pasadena Maryland will demand kids’ physical and mental energy. One way to look is if they no more take long morning and afternoon naps.

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