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How Playtime Can Greatly Develop Your Child

How Playtime Can Greatly Develop Your Child

Playtime is a great time to socialize and kids intuitively love having playmates nearby. Singing, dancing, and moving around are things they love doing because they have so much energy, it would be best to maximize their playtime with fun and valuable life learning that can help make them become conscientious adults in society.

Severna Park Children’s Centre, Inc. understands that children grow uniquely and learn better through experiences that will help them understand and feel things through their own personal perspective. It is the very reason we have implanted into our programs valuable life skills that will develop our children’s social and emotional needs through interactive playtimes.

Check out these other benefits of playtime for your kids:

  • They Learn to Help
    Children are inherently very helpful and they just aim to please their primary caregivers because it also makes them happy. Through our programs, we guide them through activities that make them become great team players as they learn to help each other become better individuals and friends.
  • They Understand Better
    When children are freely allowed to touch and roam around an environment, they learn better. Learning happens as they get to touch, smell, hear, taste, and see a new object or method, even as simple as passing an object to a friend. Our Child Care Centre in Pasadena, Maryland, also applies sensory learning that benefits our preschoolers.
  • Express Themselves Better
    Children are not automatically equipped with enough words to say to express how they feel. But with constant human interaction and guidance, this teaches them to improve how they can express themselves better by being more vocal in letting us know what they think and how they feel.
  • Become More Independent
    Little children constantly want to learn something new and they simply love to do things themselves. They want to experience everything firsthand since it helps them know how things feel like, such as when they open a new tub of clay. These new ways they acquire become life lessons that make them more independent. These activities will become part of their lifelong knowledge to help keep them from asking for help like how to open a new tub of clay.

At our center in Pasadena, Maryland, we always strive to keep things interesting to constantly keep our preschoolers captivated in fun and new discoveries that will give them valuable lessons in life.

There is a lot more to playtime than meets the eye, especially when you maximize it with lessons and values. We do all that and so much more at Severna Park Children’s Centre, Inc.

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