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How Do You Help a Child to Overcome Anxiety?

How Do You Help a Child to Overcome Anxiety?

Children with anxiety are a common occurrence in every daycare center in Pasadena Maryland. Contrary to what most people think, children can suffer anxiety the way adults do.

Anxiety can be caused by events and factors in a child’s environment. For example, they may worry about money because they hear the adults talking about it. This is a testament to how sharp children’s minds are, as they can perceive their surroundings in a way that worries them enough to cause anxiety.

As a learning center in Maryland, our teachers are equipped with skills that help them cope with anxiety episodes involving children in the classroom. However, it would also be helpful if you, as parents, can assist your children in dealing with their anxiety issues at home.

Here are a few ways that you can aid your children in managing their anxiety:

  • Make them write down their worries and what are the usual triggers for anxiety episodes.

  • Work together with the anxious child to learn what warning signs everyone should look out for before an anxiety attack.

  • Encourage children to speak out on what makes them anxious. Whenever possible, demonstrate that some of their worries are yours to take care of and not theirs.

  • Encourage activities that help them deal with stress like mindfulness meditation, yoga, and sports. Be sure to let the child make a choice, or else it will cause more anxiety.

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