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Great Tips for Keeping Your Little Ones Busy and Happy


Although cute and adorable, toddlers can be quite a handful. Aside from their curious and inquisitive nature, they are full of boundless energy that you can’t let them stay still in one place unless they are taking a nap— and even that can be difficult to do!

There are, however, ways and activities in effectively keeping your toddlers busy and entertained—all while preventing them from being hurt and getting into trouble. What is even better is that not only will these activities keep your toddler busy, these can also help provide an early learning experience which will aid in the transition when you decide to enroll them to preschool in a learning center in Maryland, for example.

  • Play and Learn Corner
    If you want to keep your toddler from making a mess and hurting themselves from moving around the house, create a makeshift play-and-learn pen. You can buy playpen fences, or create Do-It-Yourself fencing around a certain safe corner of the house where you can easily monitor your little kid. Lay the ground in the area with rubber, and put in educational toys and picture books for your little ones to play.
  • Building Blocks and Shape Sorters
    Wooden building blocks are perfect for toddlers, as they are durable, safe, and conducive for learning. These blocks can be used stacked to create numerous forms and allow your child to get creative. Shape sorter toys are also perfect for keeping your little ones busy, while also allowing them to use their problem-solving skills. You can even make your own shape sorter using big oatmeal containers and foam shapes!
  • Coloring and Drawing
    Coloring and drawing activities are fun, time-consuming, and are good training for toddlers. Ensure that your little one doesn’t scribble on walls and furniture. Use huge papers and spread them on the floor. You can also tape these together and place them in your child’s play area. Give them non-toxic crayons or washable pens to use.

Toddlers are mostly about play, so it helps to incorporate learning into play using these tips. This way, when your little one enters preschool, it will no longer be difficult for them to learn and focus.

Additionally, having a good place which you can entrust your little ones to whenever you are not around is important. This place, however, should also be able to know the right, safe, and enjoyable activities to have your child participate in that are conducive for learning.

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