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Fun Indoor Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy Over Winter Break

Fun Indoor Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy Over Winter Break

Just because school is out for winter break, doesn’t mean your child’s learning should be put to a halt. As a daycare center in Pasadena Maryland, we will share fun indoor activities to keep your little ones busy this holiday season:

  • Develop math skills through baking.

    One way your child can hone their math skills while their learning center Maryland is out for winter break is through baking. Baking holiday treats and pastries with your little one enables them to practice their mental math skills. This is done by learning how to measure each ingredient and figuring out the portions for each pastry.

  • Develop writing skills through holiday cards.

    As you celebrate the holidays, enhance your child’s writing skills by composing short messages to family members. Writing holiday cards or even writing a letter to Santa not only encourages your child to write more but also improves their handwriting.

  • Develop art skills through puppet theater.

    Encourage your child’s creativity and imagination by playing puppet theater together. Use old fabrics, clothes, and recycled materials to create puppets and a stage. Encourage them to use their imagination when creating the script before performing the play in front of the family.

Severna Park Children’s Centre, Inc. is an established child care centre Pasadena Maryland. Our faculty members are committed to providing your children with quality early childhood education to fulfill their developmental milestones. Get in touch with us to learn more about our programs and activities.

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