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Exuding Excitement Towards Learning

Exuding Excitement Towards Learning

What excitement awaits your child at Severna Park Children’s Centre, Inc.? We can show your kids the fun in learning. As we go through daily activities, our children gain experience and establish friendships with other children. In early education, several things should be focused on including:

  • Getting along with others

    As early as possible, learning to get along with others should already be practiced by our children. Getting along with others teaches our children kindness, being open to differences, and more importantly, tolerance and respect towards others. We work together in building our future. With the type of learning our Daycare Center in Pasadena, Maryland provides, your children will be able to grasp respectful ways on socializing both with caregivers and peers. Language skills and communication are also one of the many aspects of development we emphasize. Through all of this and more, our children will be able to gain and sustain healthy friendships that help in each child’s wellbeing.

  • Independent discovery

    Being told one thing is different from gaining knowledge through experience. There are instances wherein utilizing our senses is in order for us to fully get a grasp of several concepts especially with everyday concepts. Giving our children space to be guided in their exploration of the world helps in executive function development. More neural connections are made through continuous learning especially when learning new things. Being aware of this, we encourage children to learn and for parents as well to help with each child’s learning. Support and guidance are essential and being a Learning Center in Maryland, we, along with parents and children work hand in hand in support of our children’s exploration and overall development.

  • Practicing healthy emotional reactions

    Children learn a lot in school but before learning all that rocket science we’d want to first teach our children how to be good people, how to show kindness and the importance of regulating one’s self. Children are children which means they sometimes throw tantrums, have low levels of patience, easily get bored, or can’t control themselves. Some would argue these aspects to be varied with personality however, especially during early childhood, children can be taught and behavior can be modified. Feeling something doesn’t necessarily have to translate to adverse behavior. Part of early childhood education, we also help children with their emotional reactions first by explaining and allowing them to understand the reason behind occurrences.

We teach children values that help them become confident in who they are and what they can do. We help in discovery and self-discovery and more than that as well, we are a Child Care Centre in Pasadena, Maryland. This means that we not only teach, but we also look out for each child in our care. We’d be happy to show you around our care center before deciding to enroll your children here. Feel free to schedule with us by calling 410-647-3504.

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