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Allow us to help prepare your kids for school!

Kids Playing Colorful BallsThis program will help your child develop the basic skills in the five main areas of development, as well as potty training your two-year-old.

Cognitive Development

  • Following simple instructions and requests, such as “Please bring me the toy.”
  • Beginning to understand the consequences of his or her own actions.
  • Saying a few nursery rhymes.
  • Spending time naming things & what they do.

Social and Emotional Development

  • Exploring the environment around them.
  • Expressing one’s feelings.
  • Learning to help others.
  • Developing skills needed for independence.

Kids Reading Book
Speech and Language Development

  • Interacting with adults and peers.
  • Participating in circle time and incorporating stories and songs that encourage language skills.
  • Weekly exposure to letters, numbers, shapes and colors through different types of instruction and play.

Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development

  • Pasting, painting, coloring.
  • Holding a spoon and manipulating small toys and objects.
  • Turning and pointing to pages on a book.
  • Jumping, running.
  • Balancing and musical movement.