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5 Tips: Monitor Your Child’s Safety at Home


Our home is the place where we want our children to find safety and comfort at all times. Isn’t this correct, dear parent? For this reason, even when we send them to a Child Care Centre in Pasadena, Maryland in the day, we still ensure that they get to do enjoyable things at home so that they will feel safe and comfortable within.

However, safety can still be a risk anywhere including our homes. No matter how much we want to preserve our children from these unfortunate events, these can still happen. For this reason, we can only implement steps that will minimize complications whenever something unpleasant happens.

With that, here are safety reminders you can take note at home.

  1. Don’t Leave the Child Alone on Bath Time
    Most children enjoy splashing around when it’s time to take a bath. However, water is not safe for them especially for toddlers when they are not supervised. Avoid this hazard by ensuring that your child has a companion when taking a bath. This way, they can enjoy every bath time while having an opportunity to bond with you.
  2. Lock All Items that Need Locking
    Some items at home are not safe for children. These include medicines and cleaning liquids. We know that children can be really very curious, and getting a hold of these items can result in accidental swallowing. When you have little ones at home, ensure that these kinds of items are safely locked away in their own cabinets.
  3. Ensure that Electrical Wires are Tucked Away
    Even minor electric shocks can be hazardous to your little one. Ensure that your wires are not left lying around at home. Along with this, make sure that the electric sockets are covered so that babies and toddlers will not be able to think of inserting their finger to it. As a Daycare Center in Pasadena, Maryland, we encourage you to implement these kinds of safety steps at home.
  4. Clear off Clutters
    Curiosity is part of our child’s development. This is the attitude that helps them to acquire further learning in their young minds. However, we also can’t put them to risk with some choking accidents when they get to swallow little items cluttered around. Our children usually tend to see anything as a food item. Keep them from getting things inside their mouth by clearing our home from little clutters.
  5. Block the Stairs
    While we encourage constant movements and activities in our Learning Center in Maryland, we also put the child’s safety in priority. The staircase is one of the places that children will enjoy navigating. Keep them safe by blocking the entrance so they won’t climb alone unsupervised.

At Severna Park Children’s Centre, Inc., your child’s safety is among the important elements of our child care services. We recognize that as long as your child feels safe within an environment, learning is more efficient for them.

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