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5 Benefits of Reading to Your Child

5 Benefits of Reading to Your Child

Can you remember the time when your parents read stories to you as a child? Do you recall how your eyes would light up with wonder from that experience?

Well, now it is your chance to do the same for your little one!

Reading does more than just help you and your child bond, it also brings an incredible number of benefits for your child.

What might those benefits be? Severna Park Children’s Centre, Inc. has put together a shortlist you can skim through:

  1. It inspires their success.

    As a parent, there is no doubt that you want your child to succeed, right? Well, you should take this time to start reading to them.

    Reading leads the path to knowledge and it will guide your little one’s path to academic success and overall success in life.

  2. It develops their language skills.

    Yes, you may speak to your child every day. But, are you aware that the vocabulary you use is limited?

    If you’re looking to help your little one expand their word bank, read to them. Even simple pieces of literature will enhance their vocabulary. You might even be surprised with the new words they learn every day!

  3. It exposes their brain to reading exercises.

    The sooner your child is exposed to reading, the better their language skills will be. It’s all interconnected. Your child can soar up high with increased literacy at their age!

    This is one of the reasons why our Daycare Center in Pasadena, Maryland holds storytelling activities for small children. Would you like to know more about our program? Reach out to us!

  4. It enhances their concentration.

    Does reading seem useless to a toddler who is more excited about turning the pages? Not at all! If anything, this gives you the chance to gain their interest.

    Speak to your child about what is happening on each page. This will inspire their curiosity. It will get your little one excited to learn about new concepts, ideas, and cultures.

  5. It promotes their creativity and imagination.

    Books may just hold words, but within their pages is a whole new universe of ideas.

    Reading books opens your child’s mind to new thoughts. It develops their mind’s eye. It lets them think of the setting and what it looks like. It also allows them to imagine what the characters in the story are like or what they would do. In turn, this also teaches them to better understand emotions and the value of empathy.

What was the last book you’ve read to your little one?

Type down the title below and share your experiences with us. We’re excited to hear how reading has helped your child. Discuss your thoughts and opinions with other readers in the comments!

Does your little one enjoy storytelling? Enroll them in our Child Care Centre in Pasadena, Maryland today. Set an appointment with us!

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