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4 Important Ways to Play an Active Role in Your Child’s Education


Starting school is a big milestone in your children’s life. They will have to learn new rules, meet new people, develop new relationships, and gain new skills. During this time, teachers will play a significant role in their development. However, you – the parent – will still be your children’s most influential teacher.

As a parent, you need to take an interest in your children’s learning. You need to support them, help them when they’re struggling, and show pride in their achievements. Being more involved may help boost your kids’ learning, development, and success further.

If you are looking for more ways to play an active role in your child’s education, here are some recommendations from Severna Park Children’s Centre, Inc., a dedicated daycare center in Pasadena, Maryland:

  1. Meet your child’s teacher.

    As soon as the school year begins, schedule a meeting with your children’s teacher. Talk to them, and let them know you want to help your kids learn. They may be able to give you some useful tips as to how you can support their learning at home. Also, let the teacher know that you want to be contacted in case any problems or issues with your children arise. Be involved.

  2. Monitor their schoolwork.

    Pay attention to what they are learning at school. Teachers typically assign homework and projects regularly, so let your children know that it is important for them to complete their work every time. If they need help, offer your assistance, but don’t complete the homework or project for them. You can also set up a special study area, and remove any distractions (i.e. television, gadgets) to help them concentrate further.

  3. Listen carefully.

    Many adults don’t put much value in children’s thoughts and opinions thinking that it’s just childish talk. However, kids want to feel like you respect and value their feelings and opinions too. Don’t ignore your children when they’re communicating something to you. Even if they’re just talking about their day, listen carefully. You can actually learn a lot from what your children tell you. Ask questions, and engage in a positive conversation with them.

  4. Provide encouragement.

    School is not always easy. It is important for you to acknowledge your children’s successes and offer support when they are struggling. Your feedback will greatly help your children grow as a student. Also, consider offering positive reinforcement. For example, if your kids earn an “A” on a test, give them a reward. If they are struggling – don’t scold them. Instead, try to find out what they need to improve on and offer your help.

As one of the top learning centers in Maryland, we would love to hear your thoughts! Share with us any tips that you have aside from the ones mentioned above.

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